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"I love Pit Bulls and everything about them."

Floor Plans

If you consider yourself a pet lover and you are ready to purchase a new home, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Yard and Fencing

A spacious backyard with a well built fence is the definition of paradise for your beloved family doggo. Whether you have one, two or more furry roommates, all dogs need to stretch their legs and run around for a lap or two a few times during the day. Just remember, not all dogs will behave, a properly fenced area is highly recommended for you and your neighbor's safety.

Make your New Home Feel Like Home

Moving to a new place can bring a whole range of emotions. The excitement of occupying a new place. Denying moving out and turning your back on the place you called home for so long. The anxiety and stress that packing and unpacking brings. Even that vacation mode feeling that comes right after moving into the new home. It can get rough!
It's the fear of the unknown that creates this roller-coaster of emotions for you and your pet who doesn’t really know what he’s being dragged into. To protect your pet from going through some rough patches, it is recommendable to unpack its comfort items first such as toys, bed, bowls and favorite treats and to take some time during the moving process to play with him and walk him around his new neighborhood.

Puppy Friendly Factors

A pet friendly neighborhood is an important consideration for many homebuyers. A good sign is to see dog owners walking their dogs around and homes with fenced yards. Neighborhoods with lots of dog activity also mean dog loving neighbors, it’s a win-win for you and your four-legged friend in case anything were to happen to him.


Love a Pit Bull!

These are a few things you may want to consider before making this important purchase.
At Thompson Quality Homes, we understand many of the factors that influence pet lovers when it comes to buying a home; this is why our units can we customized. The size and layout of the floor plans are large enough to keep you and your dog comfortable. For example, our Crystal Residence is a three bedroom, two bathroom home with an L shaped gallery kitchen, an open plan of the dining and living area and a backyard. The L shaped units allow for plenty of natural walking space, perfect for you and your furry roommate.

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Floor Plans