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Financing your new home is easy.  Mortgages on island range from 80% to 95% for qualified purchasers and your pension fund can be utilized as a means of putting down that deposit.  The more money you place down as a deposit with the bank, the lower your mortgage payments will be, as you will borrow less towards the purchase.  TQH can make an introduction for you at one of the local banks we work closely with in order to ensure you obtain a prompt appointment to be seen by a qualified mortgage consultant, and these banks are well versed in the processes TQH works with in order to assist you with financing.  Staged payments to TQH as the developer are made by the Bank once the application is approved, in order to facilitate the purchase of the land, and the commencement and continuation of the build.    The Bank will have charges associated with granting you the mortgage, such as a 1% commitment fee, and these vary depending upon the Bank in question.