Stamp Duty

As a first time Caymanian purchaser, you would be eligible to a stamp duty waiver.  All other residents and citizens are subject to a 7% stamp duty payment, unless they are Caymanian first time purchaser married to a resident subject to stamp duty, in which case they can claim relief on 50% of the stamp duty payable, thus paying 3.5% on a joint purchase.  The stamp duty waiver is completed and submitted by TQH at no cost to you purchasing your home with us, and if you are subject to stamp duty, this paperwork is all completed by TQH to save you the time and trouble.  This stamp duty is payable on your purchase of the land cost only which gives a significant saving in stamp duty, rather than payment on the cost of the finished home.  Once this payment is made and the paperwork returned stamped by the Lands & Survey Department, TQH can start to build you your dream house!